About the game

The USS Clemenceau is part of Mission Infinity, one of the many play-by-email Star Trek roleplaying games throughout the Web. Based on a SIM concept, these games allow you to act in a Star Trek environment as Starfleet officers, or sometimes as Klingon warriors, Romulan agents, Borg drones or whatever.

How can I play?

All you need to play is a valid e-mail address and a good grasp of English (being a native is not required, I myself only learned English at school). The game works as an ongoing story written by every player. In your posts, you can make your character talk, move and interact with other characters. Just don't make others do what they wouldn't do by themselves; if you have a doubt, just contact the player and ask for advice on how his/her character would react. In extreme cases, write a joint post!

How often do I need to post?

Some PBEMs request that everyone should post at least once a day, which means the poor player coming back from a short vacation will find his/her inbox filled with hundreds of posts! Here, a daily post is not required. One per week would be great. If you cannot post for a while, warn your Commanding Officer and you will be excused. Not posting for too long, and not answering your worried CO's emails, would be a good reason for declaring your character "gone"...

Are there any grammatical conventions?

Some games are written in present, others in past tense. On the USS Clemenceau, this is left to the players' appreciation. However, a few rules are widely used in the Star Trek roleplaying world and will be applied here:

Any additional rules concerning the plots?

Remember you are Starfleet officers, and please act as such. This means: do not fight without a good reason, do not disobey unless you feel you really have to do so... Captain Al'Shar is a rather nice person and she counts on you.
You can start a new storyline whenever you want, but in order to keep things understandable, don't get the ship's officers involved in too many plots at a time. If we are dealing with a Klingon problem, don't bring in the Dominion and the Borg along with an annoying little sister! This is just a small ship after all.
Players who post often and well (left to the CO's appreciation ^_^) are likely to get promoted more often than others. Your character doesn't need to be the most heroic person in Starfleet, although a good deal of courage is always appreciated. What really counts is how you make your character live and interact with others. A crew is a team. Never forget about it.

If you are still interested in joining, you can proceed to the form.

Star Trek™, Star Trek: the Next Generation™, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine™, Star Trek: Voyager™ and the movies are copyright of Paramount. All this roleplaying concept is not meant to violate this copyright by any means and should be considered like normal fan activity. For further information about the world of Star Trek, please consult the official website at www.startrek.com.