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I am Captain Auriel Al'Shar, Commanding Officer of the Intrepid class starship USS Clemenceau. I was given command of this ship fairly recently, having been promoted to Captain a few months ago. The USS Clemenceau did her inaugural flight on Stardate 21211.16. She has the standard specifications of her class, detailed below:

The Intrepid class is capable of landing and taking off from planetary surfaces. See Federation Technology for a more detailed description.

Crew: 150
Civilians (Families): 80
Max Capacity: 900
Number of Decks: 15

Height: 45 m
Width: 175 m
Length: 344.5 m
Warp Engines: MARA
Cruising Warp: 6
Max Warp: 9.975 for 12 hours
Nacelles: Variable Geometry (to protect the fabric of space)
Impulse Engines: Standard

Computer System: LCARS
Expected Duration: 120 Yrs.
Times Between Resupply: 3 Yrs. (based on antimatter supply)
Times Between Refits: 20 Yrs.
Category: Explorer

2 main phaser emitters
8 secondary phaser emitters
2 forward torpedo tubes,1 aft tube.

Dual-reflective Starfleet Class Q Shielding. Reflective shielding means energy passing through outer shields are reflected until it is dissipated.

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