Georges Clemenceau

Why is this ship named Clemenceau?

Georges Clemenceau was a human doctor, newspaper editor, and above all, politician, who participated in the history of France in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He was born in september 1841 in Mouilleron-en-Pareds to a true defender of democracy who inculcated his beliefs in him. Clemenceau studied medicine and began political activities at a young age. He graduated at the age of 24 and spent five years in the USA as a literature and horseriding teacher. When he went back to France, he brought his bride, formerly one of his students, with him.
His political career really began then; he didn't always have political responsibilities, but kept in touch with public activities through the newspaper L'Aurore. He always sided with the poor, the workers, the left-wing, bringing down other politicians by digging up dirty businesses. All of this earned him the nickname of "Tiger".
The image most French people keep from Georges Clemenceau is that of an elderly man pacing the trenches of World War One while bombs and bullets flew all around him. His action made him incredibly popular, but his fellow politicians did their best to kick him out of the public scene. He died in november 1929.

In 1961, the French aircraft carrier Clemenceau began a long career that led her throughout the world. She even shared a few missions with the USS Enterprise! The Clemenceau was dismantled in 1997, but the name lasted long enough to be given to a sistership for Kirk's Enterprise. After a long career, the first Clemenceau was replaced by this one, which doesn't bear the letter A for mysterious reasons known of Starfleet authorities only.